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Getting Started Guide

This quick start guide will give you all the necessary information needed to get you up and running with a working BrainGenix installation.

To get started, please jump into the requirements document which outlines what software/hardware you will need in order to have a functioning installation.

After that, the installation guide will point you to the right resources to get each component installed and configured.

This documentation is provided by BrainGenix, a division of Carboncopies Foundation R&D. BrainGenix is a platform focused on advancing the field of whole-brain-emulation and computational neuroscience. BrainGenix is part of the CarbonCopies Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to researching and promoting whole brain emulation. Learn more about CarbonCopies at For any queries or feedback regarding BrainGenix projects or documentation, please write to us at