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BrainGenix EVM (Evaluation Metrics) Setup & Configuration

Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide will get you up and running with an instance of BrainGenix-EVM in as few commands as possible. Please follow these steps:


A detailed version of this guide will be available soon.


Before starting, ensure you have git installed on your machine.


  1. Clone the EVM repository: Begin by cloning the EVM repository from BrainGenix's official repository.

    git clone && cd BrainGenix-EVM/Tools
    This will download the latest version of EVM to your local machine.

  2. Setup environment: Run the setup script provided in the Tools directory to install all necessary dependencies.

    This script will automatically configure your environment and install required packages.

  3. Build EVM: With the environment ready, build EVM using the appropriate configuration based on your machine's capabilities. For a standard build with 20 threads (or adjust according to your CPU cores), use:

    ./ 20 Release


Using too many threads to build the program at once can make your machine run out of memory. We advise setting this to the same number of CPU cores as your machine has, or if unknown, using 6 as a safe default assumption.

Running EVM

Once the build process completes without errors, you can start using EVM by executing:

This command will launch EVM in your console, ready for evaluating neural metrics.

Creating Debian Package (Optional)

For convenience in deployment across various Debian-based systems, you can create a Debian package (.deb file) by running:

This will generate an .deb file in the Artifacts directory, simplifying installation without manual setup or building steps.

This documentation is provided by BrainGenix, a division of Carboncopies Foundation R&D. BrainGenix is a platform focused on advancing the field of whole-brain-emulation and computational neuroscience. BrainGenix is part of the CarbonCopies Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to researching and promoting whole brain emulation. Learn more about CarbonCopies at For any queries or feedback regarding BrainGenix projects or documentation, please write to us at