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Submit A Solution


Follow the steps below to a solution to the challenge. You are allowed to submit multiple solutions to the same challenge level. This is particularly useful if you have method variants to apply.

Note: You must be registered to submit a solution for evaluation.

The minimum data needed for a completed submission is a model file containing the reconstructed functional model that aims to emulate the function of the underlying neuronal circuitry that was responsible for the "brain data" used in the challenge. The model should contain a description of the model architecture, with coordinates of neurons, and a description of the functional components and parameter settings used in simulation.

Additional information, such as the locations of identified components of the morphology, the locations of identified synapses / receptor PSDs can be used to provide you with additional feedback.

Common model formats such as SONATA are accepted.

1. Submit

Please use the form at the link to submit your solution.

Submit a Challenge Solution

Your information will be treated confidentially. We will use the submitted data to evaluate correctness and performance of your emulation of the neuronal circuit from which the corresponding "brain data" set was obtained. The resulting report will explain metrics used and the WBE success criteria that led to the application of those metrics. Additional information will be provided with the aim to support further improvement of methods where that applies.

We welcome discussion and collaboration regarding the evaluation as well as method improvements. Our aim is to be of service to the neuroscience community, to accelerate method development through rapid useful feedback.

2. Carry on to a further challenge levels

The WBE Challenge is comprised of a series of independent challenge data sets. The sophistication and difficulty of the challenge increases as you go along. You are free to commence in any order, but we recommend starting at the beginning to confirm the fundamental principles of your reconstruction method.

The WBE Challenge is developed and supported by the Virtual Brain Platform (VBP) and Neural Emulation System (NES) groups of the BrainGenix division of the Carboncopies Foundation R&D. The Carboncopies Foundation (CCF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit research and education organization. You can read more about the CCF at, and BrainGenix at

For questions or comments, please write to