A scalable and distributed neuron simulation system for Whole Brain Emulation

Note: This project is still in alpha!

Development of BrainGenix began in 2018 with a Herculean goal of driving state of the art in WBE. With such a major task ahead of us, we want to be clear that the software is not yet ready. If you're interested in helping with our project, then please contact us with your skills and interest

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Why BrainGenix?

Scalable by Design

An architecture for implementations scalable from a single Raspberry Pi to a large data center with simulations as large as 100 billion neurons.

Fault Tolerant

Periodic database storage and automatic node reassignment upon fault detection by leveraging the Zookeeper Election system.

Simple User Interface

Easy simulation configuration using a neuron connectivity tool with viewable results through an interactive 3D editor.


Proven TLS/SSL encryption between nodes and a robust ACL system for restricting access to authorized users.


Simulation engine based on distributions across many instances of the popular Brian simulator.

Getting Started


Our simple tutorial helps you dive into BrainGenix, and covers basic setup and configuration for those who have two or more computers available for installation.


Learn how to integrate the API into your system or how to leverage the advanced 3D interactive editor.


If you would like to support the BrainGenix project, please consider contributing code or a financial donation to the Carboncopies foundation.

Further Reading

What is Whole Brain Emulation?

Learn more about whole brain emulation and mind uploading through our parent organization, the Carboncopies Foundation. We are dedicated to seeing an expedited future towards the safe development of WBE.