BrainGenix Neuron Emulation System (NES) aims to be a distributed biological neuron simulation software designed for the emulation of human brains. NES will enable researchers to build simulations of any scale and perform a number of different operations on them. In the future, we wish to use NES purely for simulating the neural activity of emulations. However, we are currently using NES as a platform to perform virtual scan data acquisition. This would entail building a known ground-truth model, then simulating the process of scanning that data with various technologies (Electron Microscopy, Calcium Imaging, etc). The data produced can then be used to test various reconstruction technologies, since we know what the original simulation contained. NES is the platform that is being used to perform this research. The software is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, and is open-source.


Our main goal with NES is to provide a simple and easy to use simulator for researchers while also including features needed for WBE research. This would include our virtual scan data acquisition system, which simulates various different real-life acquisition systems. Additionally, since compute will become a problem at larger-scale simulations, we wish to build an API focused design. This way, users can run their simulations from their laptops while servers in a data center perform the heavy-lifting.


To see the most-up-to-date progress, please see our GitLab page. Alternatively, you can track our progress on features and bugs on our GitLab Issues page.