The BrainGenix Management API allows external programs to interact with the system. The Management API is responsible for the interaction between BrainGenix systems and the GUI/Web interface as well as the command line interface. Interactions from a client are sent through an intermediate API server which presents a unified interface across the BrainGenix platform. Authentication is handled during the connection progress, and a token is subsequently provided by the server.


The goal of mAPI is to enable the extension of BrainGenix so that external systems can be connected to the program. This provides more management features and facilitates user authorization. Features such as password encryption ensure sufficient cybersecurity standards.


Currently, mAPI has fulfilled the goal of communicating between servers and interfaces. It performs user authentication, allows for the front-end UI to communicate with back-end software functions, enables encryption and decryption, and executes inputted commands. For more information about what API can do, view our Technical Specifications document.