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Visualizer - Parameters

In this section, we will cover what all of the different options in the visualizer are, and what they do.

This section covers the main parameters of the Visualizer subsystem.

Parameter Description
ImageWidth_px Resolution of the image width in pixels
ImageHeight_px Resolution of the image height in pixels
CameraFOVList_deg List for the FOV of each image to be rendered
CameraPositionList_um List for the position of the camera for each image to be rendered
CameraLookAtPositionList_um List for the position that the camera is looking towards for each image to be rendered


The CameraFOVList_deg, CameraPositionList_um, and CameraLookAtPositionList_um list must be the same size. If you intend to render 5 images, each list must contain 5 items, likewise if you intend to render 900 images, they must have 900 items each.


Changes the field of view of the visualizer output images. Larger values will increase the FOV, while smaller ones shrink it.


It is possible to mix-and-match the FOV of images within the same render operation. Every image has to have an entry in the lists, so the FOV can change for each image by appending a different value into this list.

Using an FOV of 50 will result in the following image.

Default Render Example

Likewise, setting it to 150 will result in the following image: Default Render Example

In order to adjust what's actually being rendered, you have two main options.

Firstly, you can change the camera's position - this will of course change where the image is taken from.

Secondly, you can change the LookAt value, which changes where the camera is pointed towards.

To change the resolution (and aspect ratio) of produced images, simply alter the ImageWidth_px and ImageHeight_px parameters.

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